Investment Philosophy

We start with fully understanding the markets in which we invest and ensure that we mobilize a team with key local knowledge and relationships. We seek investments that generate positive cash flow that immediately provides cash-on-cash returns in excess of 7% and internal rates of return over 15% with a cash multiple over 1.8. The period in which we hold assets is evaluated on a case-by-case basis but typically hold an investment no longer than 5 years. With our 1031 exchange model, we allow investors to divest after a 1 year holding period.

Our comprehensive team evaluates the market and key transaction metrics utilizing state-of-the-art technology and research tools to conduct institutional grade underwriting that provide us with accurate insights into each project so we fully understand the demand drivers making the investment a success. We tour the property and meet with key personnel. We approach each transaction with a detailed due diligence process and dedication to ensure maximum returns are realized for our investors.

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